Are you eligible for membership? Would you like to join us? If you have served in the US Armed forces during the dates below or are the mother, wife, daughter, sister, granddaughter, great-granddaughter or grandmother of someone living or deceased who served during these dates, you are eligible for membership.
April 6, 1917-Nov 11, 1918: WWI
December 7, 1941-August 15, 1945: Merchant Marines (only eligibility)
December 7, 1941-December 31, 1946: WWII
June 25, 1950-January 31, 1955: Korean War
February 28, 1951-May 76, 1975: Viet Nam War
August 24, 1982-July 31, 1984: Grenada/Lebanon
December 20, 1989-January 31, 1990: Panama
August 2, 1990-Present: Persian Gulf War

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Join the American Legion Urbandale Iowa Post #663
Joining the American Legion Urbandale Iowa Post #663 has never been easier. Our new website and location allows you to join Post #663 either the traditional way by printing out the membership form or you can also join the Post #663 right from our website. You can also renew your membership dues online from our website.

Annual Membership Fee for Post #663 is $30.00

Make membership renewal EASY!

Select one of our newest options to help make renewing your American Legion Membership quicker, easier and more cost effective.


At the beginning of each new membership year, The American Legion will automatically charge your credit/debit card to renew your membership. This transaction will normally occur on or around July 15th of each year. You'll also receive a message that will be sent to your email address on file confirming payment of your annual dues. 

Once you set your account for automatic annual renewal of your membership dues, we'll maintain a record that you are participating in the Automatic Annual Renewal Program. The American Legion follows all industry standards according to the Payment Card Industry-Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) to ensure your personal financial safety. 



Not ready for automatic renewals? We can still send you renewal notices as a reminder. BUT NOW, you can opt out of the first two paper renewal notices sent through the postal service. Instead, The American Legion will email you a reminder, allowing you to renew online by clicking a link contained in the email. This will not only save you time and the cost of a stamp, but it will also save the organization the cost of paper and postage. With those cost savings, we can allocate more funds to helping veterans just like you through all of our programs and efforts in Washington. 

To select either option above simply click the button below and proceed to online renewal options.